In the Lottery it is about the Ritual and how the people won' give up their tradition, and will not replace the black box.
           Most humans are born with five senses. Those senses are touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. All of these senses are important, but if you had to give one up for the rest of your life, how hard of a decision would it be. For me it would be a fairly easy decision for me to give up one of my five senses, but maybe that's just me. 
              I would not give up touch, because that just would be the worst decision ever. GIving up touch would render some of your other senses useless. I would not give up sight either, because that makes life considerably more difficult. I would not give up hearing, or taste either, otherwise i could not enjoy music or food. I would give up smell, because in my opinion, that sense helps me the least.
                School Lunches are a very important topic to bring up today. Children are getting overweight and obese. There is the argument that it needs to taste good so kids will eat. On the other hand, there is the argument that nutrition should be the number one priority. I honestly just want them to have more food on them.
                I think that as of right now that with school lunches, neither taste or nutrition exists. For one, the school lunches are obviously not healthy, because healthy food is more expensive and the school, can't afford it. Then the cheap food, some of the time does not even taste good. At least go one or the other.
                Online safety is an extremely important thing in today's world. The internet has become so huge in everyone's life. The internet can be a great and helpful tool, but it can also be very dangerous. There are people who can ruin your whole life with a few clicks on a keyboard.
                   With being safe on the internet one of the first things is super obvious, don't give any personal information to people that could track you down.  Never give your last name out to anyone. Never say anything you wouldn't mind everyone seeing, stuff on the internet lives forever, it does not just go away.
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Technology has become a part of our daily lives. You use technology every single day. From cars to your phone to computers to video games, you use some sort of technology every day. Technology has helped the world a great deal, like modern medicine, and surgeries that can be performed. 200 years ago, more then half the things you can survive today you would die. Technology is definitely a part of my life, and I do not know which kind of technology I would give up.
               I think if i had to give up some kind of technology that i use it would probably have to be the computer. I use my phone way too much to give that up, and i could not give up video games or TV. If I lived in a really big city, i would give up the car, but since I don't i could not give up the car. 




AIMS is just around the corner. It is the test that you prepare for the whole year. The test our teachers always tell us to pay attention to in class so you do good on the AIMS. AIMS can be a really a stressful test, but it Dosent really need to be that stressful. When taking the AIMS test you just need to stay calm and relax and remember that it's just a test.
Being innovative to me means for you to come up with an idea that is like nothing that already exists. It does not have to be an invention. It can be an idea that will help society function better. Several times throughout history people that have been innovative have been called crazy.
They have to stand out from the crowd and fight for their invention or idea. Some people that I think are innovative are the Wright Brothers, because they made something so out of their time. No one thought it would be possible to fly. They did it though, and that is what matters.
There are many things you should do and many things to avoid doing while podcasting. You need to stay on the topic you talking about. This only pertains if you have other people you are podcasting and that is to make sure that you have everyone talk and make it like a discussion. Never make the podcast too long, people will get bored and lose interest. You an get the audience involved by putting a poll and showing the results the next episode. You can include PowerPoint to make it visual also. There are so many possibilities.
I would like to write an argumentative essay on the policy of not being able to use you phone or iPod at lunch. It does not make sense to not be able to play a game on your phone during lunch. How does it hurt the learning environment or distracts form the students education. I understand not being able to use it during class because, that is just common sense. However, there is no valid point on not being able to use it during lunch. An argumentative essay is an essay where you plead your case or our side of an argument. You are trying to convince someone of something or to do something.