Technology has become a part of our daily lives. You use technology every single day. From cars to your phone to computers to video games, you use some sort of technology every day. Technology has helped the world a great deal, like modern medicine, and surgeries that can be performed. 200 years ago, more then half the things you can survive today you would die. Technology is definitely a part of my life, and I do not know which kind of technology I would give up.
               I think if i had to give up some kind of technology that i use it would probably have to be the computer. I use my phone way too much to give that up, and i could not give up video games or TV. If I lived in a really big city, i would give up the car, but since I don't i could not give up the car. 
04/24/2013 12:33pm

I completely agree with you. It would much too hard to give up a mobile device. Technology has become a necessary part of life today.It'd be hard to give up any piece of tech.

04/24/2013 12:35pm

I agree with you so much Henry. Though I wouldn't choose my computer to give up. I would give up my alarm clock. I can see why you would give up your computer. I really enjoyed your blog Henry, I thought it showed some critical thinking.


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